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Submitted on
June 11, 2013


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[ Contest ] Design an outfit for Rena! [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 11, 2013, 11:48 PM

I haven't done a contest in awhile - especially not one for myself and on my own account, so this is a first - but I decided to suck it up and throw one because honestly I need to do something to make myself feel better after recent events. Everyone's already done a damn good job of cheering me up lately, so I thank you all, but I need to have some more fun. <3 I apologize in advance that I can't give bigger prizes, though I wish I could.. but I hope people are interested/have fun all the same! Thank you for looking~.

+ Rules +

♥ The theme of this contest is : Design an outfit for Rena. Simply create a brand new outfit for Rena. It can be any type or theme - cute, pretty, formal, casual, PJs, whatever! 
 You must draw Rena in the outfit. You can draw her in any style - chibi, fullbody, halfbody - as long as details of the outfit are shown. The better I understand the outfit, the more of a chance someone has to win.
 There is a submission limit of 3 entries per person, though of course, you may only win once. Entries will be placed in their own journal, so please link to your completed entries in THIS JOURNAL and I'll put the thumb up there.
 Entries can be in any media - traditional or digital, or hell, even photography if you happen to have a red wig and random outfit lying around!
Uncolored sketches are acceptable, as long as the colors are labeled at least. I understand not everyone can be bothered to completely color something so whatever is easier for you! 
 Judging will be by me, possibly with a little help from TheNinjaPandas and wallyofthewest if I have too much trouble deciding. The winning entries will not be based on art quality, but rather the outfit design and how well it suits my character.
 If you have any questions, feel free to comment here! If I'm not available to answer, TheNinjaPandas will probably know the answer just as well as I do and may be able to help you out. 
♥ Any advertisement would be awesome. ♥ Even if you can't do a journal/poll, just a link to the contest in your entry will suffice and be appreciated~. 

+ About Rena +

For a basic reference of Rena, please visit her reference sheet here : 

[ Reference Sheet ] Rena Ebina by KitsuneRenaChan

You can also read a little more written information about her on her CharaHub page here, which actually is a little more detailed :…

Below are some examples of outfits Rena is currently drawn in, but really you don't have to go off of these : 
request4 by kerravi RoyalBuffetShipping by KitsuneRenaChan [ RHS ] Happy B-day Landon + Vinny! by KitsuneRenaChan
Tsun Tsun Babies by KitsuneRenaChan  Pretty pretty. by KitsuneRenaChan

Though Rena herself prefers more comfortable clothing, I can't help but want to torture pretty her up, so there really is no limit to what you can draw her wearing! Also her hair is pretty versatile, so you can put it up any way you'd like.
Please please please take into account that Rena is no longer a fire-user, and should not be drawn in any kind of armor or mage-like costume. As much as I'd love to see it and may someday bring that back in an AU or whatever, this is the only kind of outfit I will not accept. This contest should contain fairly normal outfits, okie dokes? ♥

+ Prizes +

There will be 3 prize-winning places, regardless of how many entries. I will not cancel the contest based on lack of entries, because I don't want to put peoples' hard work to waste. If anyone else is interested in donating, just comment~!

1st Place

 A normal fullbody drawing by me.
♥ 50 :points: by Shivergal99
♥ A Smiling Dolly icon by Liliire
♥ 75 :points: by ShinguAmito
♥ A chibi OR pony drawing by Glitter-Stitch
♥ A pixel chibi AND an icon by TheNinjaPandas
♥ 50 :points: by FierceInk
♥ 2 chibi by wallyofthewest

2nd Place

 A normal chibi drawing by me.
♥ A Smiling Dolly icon by Liliire
♥ 50 :points: by ShinguAmito
♥ A chibi OR pony drawing by Glitter-Stitch
♥ A squishy chibi by Sakurarmarie
♥ An icon by TheNinjaPandas
♥ 50 :points: by FierceInk
♥ 1 chibi by wallyofthewest

3rd Place

 A dinky chibi by me.
♥ A Smiling Dolly icon by Liliire
♥ 25 :points: by ShinguAmito
♥ A chibi OR pony drawing by Glitter-Stitch
♥ 50 :points: by FierceInk
♥ 1 sketchy sketch by wallyofthewest


[ This is subject to change, though. ]

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